Modus Vivendi – Stunning Flamme Line

I just have to tell you about this amazing new line from Modus Vivendi.

Flamme is quite simply sexy and stunning, they feel amazing and look incredible.

3.MV-FlammeLine-Campaign Banner

The fabric is a soft almost sheer mix of Rayon and Polyester, that feel like a luxurious natural fabric. Shaped in such a way that you will feel supported yet free at the same time. The pastel colours are ideal for summer, and look awesome against any skin colour.
The range is made up of underwear such as a classic brief, wide brief and a low cut brief and for a little more coverage there is also the boxer brief. to compliment the underwear Modus Vivendi have created a matching vest and a superb cool and light shirt. All are available in the beautiful 3 colours of baby blue, pale lemon and a light dove grey all of which as I have said before, will look great against any skin colour.

Now, I want to say a word about masculinity. We get some people who quite frankly are very much mistaken and silly. Some guys think that in order to like, or appreciate underwear then they must be gay!!! Firstly thats just complete and utter nonsense, true we have many gay customers, and yes its probably true that gay men in general have a better appreciation and understanding of mens underwear, but that absolutely does not mean that all men shouldn’t pay more attention to how they look, and feel. And on top of that ought to be aware of how your woman sees you, because if you think she will find you sexy in a nasty old pair of comfy undies, you are very much mistaken. No-one is suggesting that you turn yourself into some kind of stripper, or sexy dancer, although, if that gets her going, do it, more though that your partner will appreciate your effort just as much, if not more than you do when she makes the effort to wear something sexy for you. So guys, c’mon, be honest, look at our models and tel me, do they all look gay, or do they just look great in a fantastic pair of undies, which do you think your partner would prefer to see, your nasty old comfies, or you in a sexy pair of these??

Have a look at this gallery of the Flamme Line.

The easiest way to see the full range of these items is to search on our website for “Flamme”, alternatively simply browse all of the subcategories within our Moda Uomo section. But of course it goes without saying, if you need any help feel free to contact us.

And now take a look at model Sergey Boytcov photographed by David Vance Photographer for ADON Magazine and tell me he doesn’t look incredibly masculine in these items.

_MG_0263 _MG_0269 _MG_0283 _MG_0221 _MG_0227 _MG_0241So, what do you think, are you man enough to wear these?
Head on over to our online shop and get them while you can, because whilst you are thinking about it, they are selling out.

Here are some more images to feast your eyes on.

4.MV-FlammeLine-Campaign Banner 3.MV-FlammeLine-Campaign Banner 2.MV-FlammeLine-Campaign Banner 1.MV-FlammeLine-Campaign Banner 6.MV-FlammeLine-Campaign Banner 5.MV-FlammeLine-Campaign BannerAnd heres some more:

13260209_1093381854057007_8783428087561741153_n 13263701_1094407203954472_6189603552382948683_n 13227081_1092132354181957_5219819946787118270_n 13232979_1091658294229363_8979084729942868556_n 13238997_10153477740381035_818937009601906286_n 13240044_1090904644304728_2163267580716117442_n 13240541_1093392434055949_4858038855834590835_n 13256004_1092380224157170_1712073363261400096_n

Well I don’t know about you, but I am convinced, these are stunning, masculine and quite honestly sexy in a hunky, manly way, so if you are Gay, Straight, Bisexual or other the Flamme Line is a range of underwear that everyman should be wearing this summer. Buy them now and don’t be disspointed or more importanly a dissapointment.

Do you have a favourite from this range, or whilst I doubt it, something that you just wouldn’t wear?

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